The South West Region, which encompasses Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex, is surrounded in history. The first shots of the War of 1812 were fired here, it is the historic place where Tecumseh and Brock first met, and it marks the site of the Battle of the Thames where Tecumseh died.

Come and visit all that the South West Region has to offer. Whether you’re coming for a day, or staying for a week, we have developed itineraries that you can follow while travelling through the region.

While you’re here check out our award-winning vineyards, our local restaurants offering the best locally grown food the region has to offer, and shop in our numerous shops for something to bring home with you!

Also, please check out our Route 1812 Smartphone App. Route 1812 is a driving trail which follows Proctor’s retreat from Fort Amherstburg through to Thamesville.

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